​Stonehenge is founded on Owner Tom Salter's wood-working heritage from old world Latvian forests to the shores of Harker's Island, NC.  

Tom was taught to build with strength and precision seldom seen today.  As a young boy he worked side-by-side with wood craftsmen, stone masons, iron men who were his relatives.  A descendant of house builders and ship wrights the skills taught to Tom have become his cornerstones.    

This seasoned knowledge is now put into practice everyday.

 Tom brings out beautiful nuances of wood in his carvings, warmth in stone structures, and structural superiority with the use of huge hand picked timbers. You'll find Tom's savvy choices in materials, surprising creativity, functionality and efficiency in every project. 

​Time honored skills and traditions fuel the passion in Tom's work.  That's why Tom and his crew are a happy bunch even on-site!  From award winning projects in the Eastern Seaboard to private islands in the Carribbean client requests are being creatively answered.    

learn about us....

Stonehenge offers an initial consult at no charge to discuss your project and wish list.

Large or small, we view each project as a true collaboration 

and approach it with gusto, imagination and an artistic attitude.

(We don't like dull!) 

To help your realize your dream, we furnish plans, drawings or

sketches as needed to show design ideas. A real timeline,

estimates with an array of products all selected specifically for

the job at hand always proves most helpful. In every scenario,

Tom works closely with clients to avoid miscommunications,

save time and money and finish with outstanding results!

How We Work.... 

Combining over 60 years of working knowledge with our aesthetic vision Stonehenge is 'hands on' to lead clients through the maze of planning & construction.

 Tom also understands structural requirements, health and safety issues, building codes and a myriad of other technical aspects of the job.

Last but not least, Interior Designer sister Deb loves to share the latest materials, products and how texture, color, lighting and other factors interact to create one fabulous space!

This Brother and Sister Dynamic Duo & Stonehenge Team can do it all!

 Design Questions? 


Deb Sagerholm

 directly at


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